Puppy Growth Timeline

Puppies are becoming playful with each other now.  The puppy agility equipment helps aid them in balance and challenges their thought process on how to accomplish the equipment, and make it work for them.   They're very inquisitive, and experiencing new and different toys and household noises daily.  Puppies are experiencing the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a broom working around them, blaring music and TV, sound of doorbells, etc.... all specifically to acclimate them to the sights and sounds of their new home environment. 

Weights are now ranging from 4 1/2 - 6 pounds.

Puppies are off to a great 'life start' here at Snowshoe.

The quality of a puppy begins with the conformation and clearances of their parents, as well as a strong pedigree of Champions.  People who breed Champion dogs are greatly concerned with the health and genetic clearances of their breeding lines.

Our 'nursery' provides a temperature controlled environment for puppies to begin their life.  Daily time and attention to care for weight management, exposure to sights, sounds and snuggles are all important.

Sue spends the first week of a litter's life sleeping (or trying to) next to the whelping bed, assuring Mom that she's doing a great job and listening/watching for any signs of distress in a puppy.  Daily 'dog nannies' complete the task of caring for puppies 24/7.  Our puppies are monitored and exercised daily with the 'Stimulization' method used by breeders for decades.

Outside socialization begins after week two (eyes and ears now open), with groups of 'puppy snugglers' two to three days per week.  Each week, a different schedule is created for further stimulization of sights, sounds and new toys.

After show prospects are identified, we strive to match those 'family companion' puppies with the right adoptive family.